22 March 2007


This weekend is the Ghostships festival in Milwaukee. Stop by and introduce yourself!

MSRA is presenting two programs on Saturday and we hope to see you there.

04 March 2007

2007 schedule

Ralph Wilbanks and the NUMA team will be arriving late in April to begin the 2007 search for Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 -- the DC-4 airliner which crashed into Lake Michigan June 23, 1950. MSRA members will team up with the NUMA crew to explore the lake bottom with side scan sonar throughout the onth of May.

Then, in June, Dave Trotter arrives to team up with MSRA in the first effort to locate the wreck of the Andaste. The Andaste is next on the list after MSRA members discovered the H.C. Akeley in 2001, the SS Michigan in 2005 and the Hennepin in 2006. After a season of hard work, and a little bit of luck, hopefully we will have another discovery to talk about this year.