23 May 2007

Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 crash site still elusive

The NUMA crew has left West Michigan and flight 2501 remains elusive. Windy weather plagued the search this year, with only about 14 days of coverage during the month long search period. Ralph Wilbanks says they'll be back in 2008.

The MSRA 2008 shipwreck quest happens June 9-17 this year, with David Trotter joining the team for a ten day search period. Our target: The Andaste!

12 May 2007

Annual shipwreck show

MSRA's annual shipwreck show "Mysteries & Histories beneath the Inland Seas" was a success. the May 5, 2007 event attracted about 250 people to Holland, Michigan's Knickerbocker theatre. Funds raised are used to finance the annual "Shipwreck Quest" -- this year focused on the discovery of the Andaste which sank in Lake Michigan in 1929.

The highlight of the show was a $1,000 grant presentation by Kimm Stablefeldt of Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Foundation to assist MSRA in documenting the Hennepin, discovered in 2006. The Hennepin will be the subject of a National Register of Historic Places application.