04 June 2009

Wow! Long time no update!

The annual "Mysteries & Histories Beneath the Inland seas" event in Holland was a huge success. MSRA raised enought money to fund another ten day Shipwreck Quest -- this time in prime territory for both the Chicora and the Andaste. but alas, no exciting discoveries this time.

Shipwreck hunting's successes are just the punctuation marks that come after extremely long run-on sentences called surveying. For every ten days spent towing a sidescan sonar at 3.5 miles per hour 20 miles out in Lake Michigan, we might discover one or two smudges that need further investigation. If one of them turns out to be something ever moderately interesting, THAT's a good year!

MSRA will spend the summer looking at a couple of those smudges and will tout our discoveries to our members through the quarterly newsletter "The Explorer". Join MSRA to be a part of the excitement!