17 June 2008

Shipwreck discoveries!!!

Just kidding. No such luck this year! Dave Trotter has come and gone and we covered a lot of bottomlands wit the 50 kilohertz fish, banging for the big ones...but we came up empty.

I was out two of the eight days we searched, pulling about 6-8 hours at the wheel with a cat nap in between. The flies weren't too bad if we kept the vinyl curtains in place.

All in all a lot of territory covered and now we know even more places where the wrecks aren't!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog a little bit.
Shipwreck enthusiast from the West coast!

Craig Rich said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comment. Just started this thing and don't really promote it. Check back again soon!

Amber Mitchell said...

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